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The Americas Reelect: George Washington's Ghost

Monday, July 27, 2009  |  openDemocracy

Writing for openDemocracy, Dartmouth's John M. Carey looks at the Latin American trend of holding referendums to pave the way reelection. "[P]residents themselves tend to lack judgment as to when enough is enough," he writes. Adapted from an essay published in the Summer 2009 Americas Quarterly. ... Read More

With Zelaya's Return Prevented, Arias Steps Up as Mediator

Sunday, July 5, 2009  |  Carin Zissis

A stalemate continued after the interim government prevented deposed President Manuel Zelaya from landing his plane in Tegucigalpa. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met Zelaya and confirmed that Costa Rican President Óscar Arias agreed to mediate with hopes for a solution. ... Read More

Honduran President Ousted by Military

Sunday, June 28, 2009  |  Carin Zissis

A crisis unfolded in Honduras after the military overthrew President Manuel Zelaya and forced him to leave the country. Honduras' congress swore in an interim president even as Zelaya says he intends to serve out his term. Governments around the world urge that order be restored in the Central American country. ... Read More