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Review 82: Cuba Inside and Out

Friday, May 13, 2011

Review 82 “Cuba Inside and Out,” guest-edited by José Manuel Prietoand Anke Birkenmaier, compiles a creative section of texts by Cuban writers representing various generations, aesthetics, countries of residence, and positions vis-à-vis mainstream culture; and an academic section of articles by leading Cuban and U.S. scholars on a breadth of topics including a study of iconic Cuban writers and new media in Cuban literature today. ... Read More

Review 81 - Bob Marley and His Legacy

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review 81 - Bob Marley and His Legacy, guest-edited by Lorna Goodison (From Harvey River) and Christopher Winks (Queens Colleges, CUNY), is comprised of a creative section featuring texts by associates of Bob Marley as well as writers who have written on and/or been influenced by him, including Jacqueline Bishop, Chris Blackwell, Kwame Dawes, Christopher John Farley, Herbie Miller, Shara McCallum, and Klive Walker. ... Read More