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Alan Stoga

Founder and President, Zemi Communications

Alan Stoga is the founder and president at Zemi Communications. He counsels top management on strategy and leadership positioning, and advises on macro-risk assessments. He is also a senior adviser at Kissinger Associates, the international consulting firm chaired by Henry Kissinger. Stoga serves on the boards of several nonprofits that are engaged with business and social issues in the Americas and globally. He is the vice chairman of the Americas Society, executive chairman of Sweden’s Tällberg Foundation, and non-executive chairman of the Tinker Foundation. Stoga also published FLYP, an award-winning pioneer in online journalism. Earlier in his career, he founded a private equity firm and was managing director of Kissinger Associates, an executive of the First National Bank of Chicago (now part of JPMorgan Chase), and an official at the U.S. Treasury Department. He has an M.A. in International Relations from Yale and a B.A. from Michigan State University.