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Public Breakfast: Alejandro Eder, Director of the Colombian Agency for Reintegration

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

February 14, 2014


(Image: Colombian Agency for Reintegration)

Alejandro Eder, director of the Colombian Agency for Reintegration (ACR), will discuss Colombia’s peacebuilding and reintegration process in 2013 and the opportunities for cooperation in these areas throughout the region. Eder was appointed by President Juan Manuel Santos to be a spokesman for the administration’s reintegration policy, advise on the structuring and development of this initiative, and call on the international community and civil society to support the reintegration and reconciliation process. Adriana La Rotta, director of media relations at AS/COA, will moderate a discussion with Eder.


  • Alejandro Eder, Director, Colombia’s Agency for Reintegration (ACR) (Twitter: @alejoeder)
  • Adriana La Rotta, Director, Media Relations, Americas Society/Council of the Americas (Twitter: @adrianalarotta)

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