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Is Latin America Becoming More Socially Inclusive? AQ Launch in DC

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

July 30, 2014


How socially inclusive is Latin America and what can be done to improve opportunities for marginalized communities? Kevin Casas-Zamora from the Organization of American States and Brookings Institution will give keynote remarks and Americas Quarterly editors Christopher Sabatini and Alana Tummino, along with Judith Morrison from the Inter-American Development Bank and Elizabeth Zechmeister from the Latin American Public Opinion Project, will present and discuss the 2014 results for the Social Inclusion Index.

View the 2014 Social Inclusion Index.
Accede al Índice de Inclusión Social de 2014.

Now in its third year, the index measures access to public and private goods by race/ethnicity and by gender, as well as human, political, civil, women’s, and LGBT rights. In total, it looks at 21 variables and ranks countries in the region. This year, AQ added Argentina for a total of 17 countries, and added two variables—access to justice and disability rights. Uruguay came in first, though political, social, institutional, and economic challenges remain in all countries. Come to the event and find out how other countries rank and what they can do to increase social inclusion.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Kevin Casas-Zamora, Secretary for Political Affairs, Organization of American States and non-resident Senior Fellow, Latin America Initiative, Brookings Institution


  • Christopher Sabatini, Editor-In-Chief, Americas Quarterly and Senior Director of Policy, Americas Society/Council of the Americas
  • Alana Tummino, Senior Editor, Americas Quarterly and Director of Policy, Americas Society/Council of the Americas
  • Judith Morrison, Senior Advisor for the Gender and Diversity Division, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Elizabeth Zechmeister, Associate Professor of Political Science and Co-Director of the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP), Vanderbilt University

This event is free of charge. Prior registration is required.

Event Information: Beckie Bintrim | | 212-277-8372
Press: Adriana La Rotta | | 212-277-8384
Cancellation: Juan Serrano-Badrena at, before 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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