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Concert: Mala Punica

Americas Society

March 6, 2013


(Image: Courtesy of Mala Punica)

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Founded in 1987 by Argentinean medieval music specialist and recorder virtuoso Pedro Memelsdorff, Mala Punica is celebrated for its rigorous and creative interpretation of the great musical patrimony of the late Middle Ages, starting from antique manuscripts. Mala Punica, based in Italy, has released several CDs that have received critical praise. In their Music of the Americas debut, Mala Punica will perform vocal-instrumental music by Paolo da Firenze, Matteo da Perugia, and Johannes Ciconia.


Italian Avant-gardes around 1400  
Paolo da Firenze (1355 - 1436) Fra duri scogli
  Un pellegrin uccel
  Amor, deh dimmi
  Lena virtù
  Godi Firenze
Matteo da Perugia (1400 – 1416) Le grant desir
  Se je me plaing
  En nul estat
  Andray soulet (Goscalch)
  Ave sancta mundi
Johannes Ciconia (1370 - 1412) O Padua
  O felix templum
Anonymous Motet Intabulation
  O virum omnimoda
  Gloria patri

Mala Punica:
Barbara Zanichelli, soprano; Marketa Cukrova, mezzosoprano; Gianluca Ferrarini, tenor; Helena Zemanova and Thomas Beté, vielle; Pablo Kornfeld, keyboards; Pedro Memelsdorff, recorder

Pedro Memelsdorff

Sources: Modena, Biblioteca Universitaria Estense, ms. Alpha M. 5. 24; Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, ms. fonds italien 568; Bologna, Museo Int. e Bib. della Musica, ms. Q 15; Faenza, Biblioteca Comunale Manfrediana, ms. 117.

This concert is part of GEMAS, a project of Americas Society and Gotham Early Music Scene devoted to early music of the Americas with Nell Snaidas and Sebastián Zubieta as co-artistic directors.  

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