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Book Launch –  Felipe Larraín, The Economics of Contemporary Latin America

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

September 22, 2017


Join AS/COA and the Young Professionals of the Americans (YPA) for the launch of Felipe Larraín's new book The Economics of Contemporary Latin America. Felipe Larraín will be in conversation with Robert Engle, Nobel Laureate in Economics and Professor at NYU.

Felipe Larraín and Beatriz Armendáriz examine the historical roots of Latin America’s contemporary economic and social development and addresses today’s legacies of the market-friendly reforms that took hold in the 1980s. They offer an overall analysis of inclusive growth policies for development, including gender issues and the informal economy, and the challenges that lie ahead for the region, with special attention to pressing demands by the vibrant and vocal middle class, unemployed youth, and indigenous populations.

Felipe Larraín is professor of economics at the Catholic University of Chile and director of the Latin American Center of Economics and Social Policies (CLAPES UC). He is co-author of Macroeconomics in the Global Economy and was finance minister of Chile from 2010 to 2014.


  • Felipe Larraín, Former Minister of Finance of Chile and co-author of The Economics of Contemporary Latin America
  • Robert Engle, Professor of Finance, New York University Stern School of Business and 2003 Nobel Prize in Economics

Registration: This event is complimentary for all registrants.
Prior registration is required.

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Felipe Larraín Bascuñán

Former Finance Minister of Chile

Felipe Larraín Bascuñán is a former finance minister of Chile. Prior to being appointed minister by President Sebastian Piñera, he was a visiting professor at Harvard University’s Robert Kennedy’s Chair for Latin American Studies and a professor at Catholic University of Chile’s Institute of Economics. Throughout his career, he has published over 10 books and 120 articles on Chile, Latin America, the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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