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Platform Americas: Brazil, New and Old

September 04, 2017

Teenagers in Brazil, and in all of Latin America, are the most optimistic teens in the world right now. But they still face structural problems like racism, poverty, and economic inequality. We talk with Brian Winter, a magazine editor who sent reporters to spend several weeks with teens like Sabrina, to help us understand their lives today.

Interview Highlights:

Brian Winter, editor-in-chief Americas Quarterly: "I think it's safe to say [Sabrina is] somewhat of a celebrity in [Rio]. And we thought it was important, particularly after the Olympics gave so much exposure to Rio last year. We thought it would be interesting to find one of these communities and really tell a rich human tale about what it's like to live there."

Winter: "Eighty four percent of [Latin American teens] think that they'll have an easier time achieving their professional goals than their parents did. And that's the most optimism that you find anywhere in the world among the age group including even eastern Asia...."

Listen to the full conversation here.