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#womenASCOA Video: Taking Success to the Next Level – A Conversation with Mónica Gil

Friday, April 5, 2019

Opening Remarks

  • Patricia Menéndez-Cambó, Vice Chair, Greenberg Traurig, PA
  • Susan Segal, President and CEO, Americas Society/Council of the Americas

Conversation with Mónica Gil

  • Mónica Gil, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises
  • Patricia Menéndez-Cambó, Vice Chair, Greenberg Traurig, PA

Why are gender parity and equal pay important? "It's about keeping women in the workforce," said Susan Segal as she kicked off the 6th Annual AS/COA Women's Hemispheric Network Forum in Miami. "If you want to keep women in the workforce, you have to empower them and mentor them, but you also have to make space for them to be compensated at the level of men." After making note of the progess so far, as well as the remaining pay disparity, Segal handed the conversation over to Patricia Menéndez-Cambó and Mónica Gil.

The NBCUniversal executive shared her career story and experience on everything from hiring talent to using data to measure success. Among the most important learning lessons for Gil was learning to present before an audience. "The importance of doing public speaking from early on is gigantic," she said. "You are always tested on how you present yourself and how people perceive you."

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