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Video: Urbanization and Technology – Smart Cities in Latin America

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


  • João Canais, Business Development Manager, Americas, Esri @Joaocanais
  • Laura Gaviria, Global Head of Fintech Acceleration, Citi @LauraGaviriaH
  • Gustavo Menendez-Bernales, Managing Director for Business Transformation, Latin America, Cisco Systems @CiscoSCC
  • Ellis J. Juan, Division Chief, Housing and Urban Development Division (HUD), Inter-American Development Bank @BID_Ciudades (moderator)

Smart cities take time and effort to build and government transparency, infrastructure, and data sets management are challenges for cities to get there, experts agreed at this AS/COA Miami panel. But these technology sector representatives also explained that changing city models and sharing data can save public money and improve services. Implementing open data projects, following examples from Barcelona in cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Medellín, can create a business model to boost innovation and allow businesses to propose solutions to urban challenges.