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Video: Financing and Investment Opportunities in Cuba

Friday, October 30, 2015


  • Germán Ríos, Corporate Director of Strategic Affairs, CAF - Development Bank of Latin America
  • John McIntire, Chairman, Cuba Emprende Foundation
  • Pia De Lima, Vice President, Western Union
  • Alana Tummino, Director of Policy and Head of the Cuba Working Group, AS/COA (moderator)

Despite the Cuban government's control of the economy, recent reforms are widening Cubans' opportunities to open private businesses. Just by looking at the distinct culture of remittances in Cuba, it's easy to tell Cubans are eager to be productive, said Western Union's Pia De Lima. Unlike most countries in the world, Cubans use a majority of the remittances they receive to finance microenterprises rather than pay for everyday expenses. 

(Video starts at 1:06)