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Video: Film Screening and Reception - Lula, Son of Brazil, a Film by Fábio Barreto

Thursday, January 12, 2012

AS/COA, in conjunction with the Brazilian Consulate General, would like to invite you to a film screening followed by a conversation with the producers and actors or the film Lula, Son of Brazil.

Based on the book by Denise Paraná, Lula, Son of Brazil is a richly produced, deeply moving story of the early years of Brazil’s most beloved president, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula), who overcame incredible adversity and became one of the world’s most extraordinary men. Not to be construed as a film about a politician, or a president, this is more to the point an incredible story of perseverance, family, love, honor, resilience, and heroism.

Directed by Oscar nominee Fábio Barreto and produced by his sister Paula Barreto for L.C. Barreto, the movie was chosen as Brazil’s entry to the 2011 Academy Awards and will open in New York at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and Quad Cinemas on January 13, 2012, followed by a national release.