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Video: Eco-Literature in Latin America symposium

Friday, November 16, 2012

The second evening of the Eco-Literature in Latin America symposium continues with a panel on eco-literature among indigenous and other communities and locations in Amazonia as well as its representation in specific literary works by writers including Homero Aridjis and Ana Cristina Rossi, as well as scholars Laura Barbas Rhoden, Sofia Kearns, Jeremy Larochelle, and Christopher M. Travis, all of whose articles appear in Review 85 (Eco-Literature and Arts). Panel in English.

The symposium opened with a keynote lecture by Mexican writer Homero Aridjis and concludes with the launch of Review 85, featuring guest editor Steven F. White and contributing writers Homero Aridjis, Astrid Cabral, Esthela Calderón, Juan Carlos Galeano, and Leonel Lienlaf.

With the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York.