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Univision News: Carin Zissis on How U.S. Gun Smuggling Fuels Violence in Mexico

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Carin Zissis, editor-in-chief of AS/COA Online, spoke with Univision News about the nine people killed in Mexico on November 4th. Mexican authorities said today that the weapons used in the attack were American-made.

“Mexican authorities have, for a long time, been asking for the United States to do more to prevent these guns from coming into Mexico,” said Zissis. “Assault weapons actually go for more than they go for in the United States. That’s the economics driving it, plus the smuggling driving it, and it’s feeding the violence here.”

Zissis provided a contrast between the two countries, stating that there is only one, heavily guarded gun shop in Mexico, while there are over 60,000 gun shops and dealers in the United States. She also cited the lax gun laws in the southwest border, explaining that there are limited checks coming into Mexico on the southern border.

“After what happened in Culiacán with El Chapo’s son, the botched arrest of Ovidio Guzmán, the U.S. government, in particular the U.S. Embassy here in Mexico, talked about increasing surveillance at the southern border in order to prevent some of that smuggling,” said Zissis.

“Some of that’s still developing and we’ll see if it comes to fruition. It’s been years that the Mexican government has been asking for this to be attended to.”

When asked if people in Mexico, or even the United States, can expect any kind of justice, Zissis said, “more work to get a handle on impunity, improvement of rule of law, reforms in the police forces” are what can be done to see change.