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CCTV: Alana Tummino on Next Steps in Restoring U.S.-Cuba Ties

Friday, August 14, 2015

With the current process of restoring of U.S-Cuba relations, AS/COA’s Director of Policy Alana Tummino discussed the significance of the reopening of embassies in Washington D.C. and Havana. She explained that the secretary of state’s speech and the raising of the flag in Cuba’s capital symbolize that the United States is “ready to turn a page in our history and forge closer ties.”

Tummino explained that, as the process unfolds, it will face legislative hurdles to lifting trade and travel restrictions. Nonetheless, she told CCTV: “There is growing momentum in Congress right now with both parties really leading the effort on bipartisan legislation to overturn the trade and travel embargo.” 

What's Next on the U.S.-Cuba Agenda?