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Al Jazeera: Sabatini on Political Fractures during Venezuela's Protests

Monday, February 24, 2014

COA's Senior Director of Policy Christopher Sabatini and Al Jazeera's Consider This host Antonio Mora discuss the contrast between Venezuela's governing and opposition leaders. While Henrique Capriles has reiterated the stance of many opposition leaders, vowing not to negotiate while protests continue, cracks have begun to form in President Nicolás Maduro's government, said Sabatini. Just this week, chavista loyalist Tachira Governor José Vielma Mora distanced himself from the government, saying that "no one is authorized to use violence" in a protest. This could mark the "beginning of the government coalition fragmenting," said Sabatini, adding that as governemnt repression increases and the protests continue, governing leaders must decide whether to stand behind Maduro "or say enough is enough."