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Women's Economic Empowerment: On the Sidelines with Ambassador Carolina Barco

October 11, 2012

Senior Adviser on Emerging Sustainable Cities for the Inter-American Development Bank Ambassador Carolina Barco discusses the importance of female economic empowerment, especially among Latin America's poor and the middle classes....

Women's Economic Empowerment: On the Sidelines with Susan Silbermann

October 11, 2012

President & General Manager for Vaccines at Pfizer Susan Silbermann participated in AS/COA's October 11 women's networking event in New York. In this video, Silbermann discusses the reasons the role women should take in hemispheric economic growth....

CEO of Grupo Omnilife Angelica Fuentes on Female Economic Empowerment

October 11, 2012

The leading Mexican business leader discussed the challenges female executives and businesswomen face in Mexico and shared some of her experiences and best practices....

Entrevista: Margarita Zavala habla sobre la importancia de la inclusión de las mujeres en el ámbito político

October 11, 2012

La Primera Dama habló sobre las reformas que son necesarias para aumentar la equidad de género en la representación política en México....

Video: Palabras de la Primera Dama de México Margarita Zavala de Calderón

October 11, 2012

La primera dama de México habló de la importancia de la inclusión de las mujeres en el desarrollo social, económico y político de un país....

Video: Palabras de la Directora Ejecutiva de ONU Mujeres, Michelle Bachelet

October 11, 2012

La directora ejecutiva de ONU Mujeres y expresidenta de Chile habló de la necesidad de que las mujeres adquieran autonomía a través del empoderamiento económico....

Video: Escalandrum at Americas Society

October 05, 2012

On Friday, October 5th Escalandrum performed a short set of Piazzolla's music including 'Adios Nonino' and 'Lunfardo'....

Slideshow: Gego: Origin and Encounter, Mastering the Space

October 03, 2012

In Fall 2012, Americas Society co-presented an exhibition with Sala Mendoza and Fundación Gego, Caracas to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of acclaimed artist Gertrud Goldschmidt....

Video: Naxos - Canadian Classics Launch

October 01, 2012

On Monday, October 1st, Canadian composer Vivian Fung and Americas Society celebrated the release of Vivian's new CD on Naxos entitled 'Dreamscapes'....