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Video: Buenos Aires 2012: Miguel Galuccio, Presidente y CEO, YPF (Part 02)

August 23, 2012

In this presentation for AS/COA's 2012 Buenos Aires conference, the YPF head discussed his company's plans for expansion and attracting investment. (Part 02)...

Video: Buenos Aires 2012: Miguel Galuccio, Presidente y CEO, YPF (Part 01)

August 23, 2012

The president and CEO of YPF discussed the first 100 days of the company under its current strategic path (Part 01)....

Video: Buenos Aires 2012: Ali Moshiri, President, Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration & Production Company

August 23, 2012

Chevron's Latin America and Africa exploration chief discussed the growth of investments and capital flows in Argentina's energy sector and their best management....

Video: Buenos Aires 2012: The Entrepreneur Ecosystem in Argentina

August 23, 2012

Five prominent Argentine entrepreneurs discussed the environment for start-ups in Argentina, as well as their entrepreneurial versatility in the face of changing economic scenarios....

Buenos Aires 2012: Opening Remarks

August 23, 2012

AS/COA held its annual Buenos Aires conference, focusing on the country's economic scenario, the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and energy....

Video: São Paulo 2012: Eco-entrepreneurship - Opportunities and Competitiveness

August 16, 2012

In the closing panel of the 2012 Latin American Cities Conferences: São Paulo conference, speakers evaluated ways the government and private sector are promoting sustainable practices in Brazil....

Video: São Paulo 2012: Plano Brasil Maior - Boosting Brazilian Industry

August 16, 2012

Speakers discussed the challenges and opportunities to Brazil's competitiveness in a panel at AS/COA's 2012 São Paulo conference....

Video: São Paulo 2012: Trade Facilitation Brazil-USA Panel

August 16, 2012

During AS/COA's 2012 São Paulo conference, a panel including former Brazilian Central Bank President Henrique Meirelles and Brazil's secretary of foreign trade explored the U.S.-Brazil trade relationship....

Slideshow: A Tour of Mining in Chile

August 16, 2012

In this slideshow, AS/COA takes you on a tour of Chile's mining operations, as well as plans for how to increase the country's stretched labor capacity in the coming years....