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Nicolás Urrutia

Senior Analyst, Control Risks

Nicolás Urrutia is a senior analyst at Control Risks, where he is part of the Global Risk Analysis team for the Andean region. He is an expert on Colombian politics and security, and provides clients with advice and analysis on Colombia, Peru, and Suriname. Urrutia conducts and coordinates political, social and security risk assessments, scenario planning and continuous monitoring for clients in the energy, mining, infrastructure, finance, technology and retail sectors, among others. Prior to joining Control Risks, he served as the independent inspector general for Colombia’s National Intelligence Department, co-founded a boutique consulting firm specializing in national security affairs, and helped establish the security and defense branch of a leading think tank. Urrutia has published a number of scholarly articles and opinion pieces on Colombian national security, and he is a frequent university lecturer. In addition to his experience in Colombia, he has conducted work in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, the United States, the UK, and Belgium. He holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations with a focus on international security from Stanford University, a master’s degree in political science from the Universidad de los Andes, and he attended the general and flag-officer course at Colombia’s National War College.