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Music of the Americas: En Casa, August 31–September 4

Americas Society

August 31, 2020 - September 4, 2020


Duo Sinesi (Courtesy of the artists.)

Music of the Americas continues its online video series En Casa (At Home), featuring original daily performances with musicians from around the Americas.

Our Recuerdos (Memories) series takes a brief hiatus as we dedicate this week and focus our En Casa series on talented musicians from Argentina.

This week, En Casa returns to Argentina with a week of videos curated by radio host José Luis Ajzenmesser, who for the past three decades has been hosting La Guagua, a weekly show dedicated to the "less popular popular music," as he describes it. It airs on Saturdays at noon (local time) on Radio UB in Buenos Aires. Ajzenmesser selected a group of artists that infuse the country's traditional music with contemporary harmonies and textures. Also, many of the musicians play guitars with seven and eight strings.

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Monday, August 31, 10 a.m.
En Casa: Claudio Ceccoli and Diego Suárez
Facebook: Ceccoli, Suárez

Claudio Ceccoli and Diego Suárez have enjoyed two decades of musical friendship, and the fact they are now neighbors in Buenos Aires made collaborating easier (until the pandemic struck, of course). They are currently working on an album called A los saltos, (Jumping Around) which includes the piece they sent us. Ceccoli plays an eight-string guitar, which opens a world of possibilities. "A los saltos" is the title track of their upcoming album, and is based in the Argentine folk rhythm chacarera, which alternates between instrumental interludes (in this case, guitar solos), and sung verses (in this case, played by the flute). The title refers to the wide leaps present in the melody.

En Casa: Claudio Ceccoli and Diego Suárez - "A los saltos"


Tuesday, September 1, 10 a.m.
En Casa: Dipi Kvitko Trio (Matías Tozzola, Felipe Traine, Dipi Kvitko)
Facebook: Dipi Kvitko Trio, Tozzola, Traine, Kvitko

The trio explores traditional genres including tango, milonga, valses, and folk music with a unique style incorporating contemporary arrangements. The group embraces improvisation, heeding close to the roots of each style. Bandleader Dipi Kvitko has played with the leading figures of Argentine popular music, including Leopoldo Federico, Peteco Carbajal, Omar Mollo, Rudi Flores, among others. They sent us a new version of Stamponi's classic “Flor de lino.”

En Casa: Dipi Kvitko Trio - “Flor de lino” (Stamponi)


Wednesday, September 2, 10 a.m.
En Casa: Chino Molina Trio (Chino Molina, Guido Martínez, Diego Ramos)
Facebook: Chino Molina Trio, Martínez

Chino Molina is a bandoneonist and composer who has performed with leading tango figures including Julián Plaza, Osvaldo Berlingieri, Virginia Luque, María Graña, and Adriana Varela. He has also toured internationally with the dance companies of Ana Stekelman and Juan Carlos Copes. The trio sent us “Tangorera trunca,” an untranslatable title that mashes up the word "tango" and the "chacarera trunca," a typical Argentine folk dance from the north central part of the country.

En Casa: Chino Molina Trio - “Tangorera trunca”


Thursday, September 3, 10 a.m.
En Casa: Néstor Gómez
Facebook: Gómez

Born to a traditional musical family in Santiago del Estero, Gómez started playing guitar at an early age, expanding his musical horizons into jazz, as well as arranging and composition. He sent us his "Los Salieris del Chango," a reference to both the famous Viennese colleague of Mozart's and a song by Argentine folk superstar León Gieco,  that pays tribute to the late Chango Farías Gomez, one of the most important figures in Argentine popular music, with whom he worked. The lyrics are by Daniel Ricciardi.

En Casa: Néstor Gómez - "Los Salieris del Chango"


Friday, September 4, 10 a.m.
En Casa: Duo Sinesis (Quique Sinesi, Augusto Sinesi)
Facebook: Q. Sinesi, A. Sinesi

The father-son duo Sinesis is made of guitarist Quique Sinesi and his son Augusto and have been playing their original music, which merges Argentine folk music with jazz, since 2017. Currently preparing their debut CD, they sent us a version of Quique's “Pacifico”, in which both play guitar, while Augusto also sings.

En Casa: Duo Sinesis - “Pacifico” (Sinesi)