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2020 Investors Virtual Mission: Brasília

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

June 15, 2020 - ,


In the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Council of the Americas adapted its traditional one-day Latin American Cities Conference: Brasília into a high-level virtual mission, comprising eight private virtual meetings with nine officials in Brasília, beginning the week of June 15 and continuing through August. This by-invitation-only mission offers international investors and Brazilian executives a unique opportunity to engage remotely with key officials in the Brazilian government in an off-the-record setting. Among the topics discussed were the country’s efforts to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, the economic recovery plan to promote growth, and the main opportunities for investment in Brazil.


  • Hamilton Mourão, Vice President
  • Paulo Guedes, Minister of the Economy
  • Marcos Cesar Pontes, Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation
  • Tereza Cristina, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock
  • Ricardo Salles, Minister of the Environment
  • Bento Albuquerque, Minister of Mines and Energy
  • Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, Minister of Infrastructure
  • Todd Chapman, U.S. Ambassador to Brazil
  • Nestor Forster, Brazilian Ambassador to the U.S.
  • Susan Segal, President & CEO, Americas Society/Council of the Americas