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A Guide to 2018 Latin American Elections: El Salvador



On March 4, El Salvador elected new leadership for the 84 seats in the Legislative Assembly and the mayoral seats for 262 municipalities to three-year terms. In the elections, the conservative Nationalist Republican Alliance, known as ARENA, increased its presence across the board, while the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front—the one-time guerilla group best known as the FMLN—lost a number of critical seats, most notably the mayorship of San Salvador.

President Salvador Sánchez Céren of the FMLN will have to contend with an ARENA-majority Congress for the rest of his five-year term, which runs through June 2019. The new legislators and mayors begin their terms on May 1.

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El Salvador voting center

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ARENA and FMLN election monitors in El Salvador vote (AP)

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2018 Latin American elections flags

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