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A Guide to 2018 Latin American Elections: Chile



In December 2017, Chileans elected Sebastián Piñera of the Chile Vamos coalition in the runoff against Alejandro Guillier, the candidate backed by the party of outgoing President Michelle Bachelet. Piñera’s four-year term will mark 16 years of a back and forth between Piñera-Bachelet administrations. Piñera took office March 11, replacing the last female head of state left in the region. 

The Congress, elected in the November 19 first-round vote, got its biggest party makeover in decades, electing the lowest percentage of incumbents since 1990. Falling just short of a majority in both houses of the bicameral Congress, Piñera's own coalition will have to work with 16 different parties to pass his reform agenda focusing on taxes, pensions, education, and immigration.

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Sebastián Piñera, president of Chile. (Photo: Alex Ibañez)

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June 19, 2018

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El Salvador voting center

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March 08, 2018

NYU’s Patricio Navia talks about Sebastián Piñera’s return to Chile’s presidency, and AU’s Héctor Silva Ávalos tells us why the FMLN’s electoral loss is ARENA’s gain in El Salvador. 

Election Update: What Piñera's Win Means for Chile

December 18, 2017

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Alejandro Guillier and Sebastián Piñera in Chile

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LatAm in Focus: Economic Realities Facing Chile's Next President

LatAm in Focus: Economic Realities Facing Chile's Next President

September 27, 2017

Listen: Now heading candidate Sebastián Piñera’s economic platform, former Finance Minister Felipe Larraín talks tax reform, copper, and more.

Chilean presidential candidates Piñera, Guillier, and Sánchez

LatAm in Focus: What to Look for in Chile's Presidential Elections

November 15, 2017

Sebastián Piñera will likely win the November 19 vote, but turnout will be key for his rival to stand a chance in the runoff, says political scientist Patricio Navia.

presidential candidates in chile

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More people will vote in Brazil in 2018 than in all other Latin American countries combined.

2018 Latin American elections flags

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November 16, 2017

Latin Americans will vote for nine new presidents in two years, along with more than 2,900 legislators.