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2014 Santiago Blog: Chile's Minister of the Economy, Development, and Tourism Luis Felipe Céspedes

Economy Minister Luis Felipe Céspedes. (Image: Jesus Inostroza)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Chile’s Minister of Economy Luis Felipe Céspedes discussed the country’s growth strategy with a particular focus on what steps Chile needs to take to reduce inequality and elevate the economy to developed-country status. He noted that the government’s main growth strategies include pushing for economic diversification, promoting high-potential sectors, increasing productivity, and boost exports. The government will attempt to do this through an array of programs and public-private partnerships. [Download a PDF of Céspedes' presentation.]

There will also be a particular emphasis on encouraging small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) growth. This will be achieved, said Céspedes, through expanding credit opportunities to SMEs, the creation of 50 nationwide development support centers, export assistance, and business-to-business facilitation.

The minister also pointed out that tackling lagging productivity will be a central challenge for the economy.


Watch a video of Céspedes' remarks.