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Weekly Chart: How Much Will Rio's 2016 Summer Olympics Cost?

August 05, 2015

Weekly Chart: How much will the #Rio2016 Summer Olympics cost? #1YearToGo
On Aug. 5, 2016, the #Rio2016 Opening Ceremony will kick off. How many of 83 projects need to be completed? Most:
$11.1 billion. That's the total estimated budget for the #Rio2016 Summer Olympics at the moment.

Back in 2009 during bidding, Rio de Janeiro’s proposed budget for the 2016 Summer Olympics was called satisfactory and “achievable” by the International Olympic Committee, with officials also saying they were “confident that the growing Brazilian economy would be able to support the necessary infrastructure development” to carry out the games. In the six years since, Brazil’s economy took a nosedive, but the first Olympic Games in South America are still on. There are 56 projects needed specifically for the games themselves, such as the construction of the Olympic Village, stadiums, and other venues. Of these, 42 are underway or at least have a projected budget, while 14 have not been started or priced out yet. Additionally, there are 27 so-called legacy initiatives, or infrastructure development projects that will outlast the games themselves, which will everything from new subway lines to the cleaning and rehabilitation of the waters surrounding the city. As of this month, three of these—all of which the federal government managed—are completed. One year away from the August 5, 2016, Opening Ceremony, AS/COA Online looks into how much the games are estimated to cost in the end. Three different entities—the Brazilian government, the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, and the Public Olympic Authority—are tasked with carrying out various projects, and so the total budget for the games is the sum of their respective ones.