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VIDEO: Laura Gómez, David Maldonado, Kati Horna and Carolina Contreras (Miss Rizos)

November 24, 2016

We kick things off in Central Park with Laura Gómez, an actor and director from the Dominican Republic. She tells us the fascinating story of her career as an artist since she immigrated here 18 years ago. She's become renowned for her role as Blanca in the series Orange is the New Black.

Then we'll shift to Lower Manhattan to join Patricio Lerzundi for an interview with David Maldonado, a musical playwright and producer. His work has served to keep salsa and the memory of salsa idols alive for generations to come, with shows such as his latest production, I Like It Like That.

Later, we'll visit the Americas Society to see an exhibition by anarchist photographer Kati Horna. She was born in Hungary and her work spans a wide spectrum from photojournalism to surrealism. She worked as a photographer during the Spanish Civil War and then was exiled to Mexico, where she lived for 60 years.

We'll wrap things up in Midtown with Carolina Contreras, who tell us about her experience as an Afro-Dominican. She leveraged her talents in hair styling to create a platform for conversations about pride in race and identity. Her project, Miss Rizos, has gained broad international recognition.

Watch the full episode here.