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Rubio Steps in to Huddle with Latin American Leaders at Summit in Trump’s Absence

April 11, 2018

Few expect the vice president to fill the void left by President Donald Trump’s absence at the upcoming 8th Summit of the Americas in Peru. In steps Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fl.

Rubio told McClatchy on Tuesday that he will attend the summit, where he is expected to help fill the vacuum of leadership at a critical juncture for an administration that is calling for the Western Hemisphere to take stronger action against Venezuela. Rubio, who planned to attend even before Trump bowed out, is expected to meet this week with Vice President Mike Pence who will act in Trump’s role at the summit.

“Trump declining to attend the summit opens the door for Rubio to rise up and be a preeminent voice at the summit,” said Jose Cardenas, who served in the National Security Council under George W. Bush and regularly speaks with Trump administration officials.

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