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Infographic: China-Latin America Trade

January 09, 2015

This week, China made new moves in its efforts to expand ties with Latin America. On January 8 and 9, China and the Community of Latin American Caribbean States (CELAC) held their first ministerial forum, established at the China-CELAC meeting in Brazil last year. The two-day meeting gathered 22 foreign ministers and the presidents of China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Venezuela to discuss political and economic ties. Already, the forum produced several commitments, such as Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pledge to invest $250 billion in the region over the next decade, as well as to invest $20 billion in Venezuela alone.

China continues to be an increasingly important player in Latin America as the top trade partner of some of the region’s largest economies. For example, Brazil-China trade increased 48 percent from 2010 to 2013 alone, while Mexico-China trade rose 36 percent over the same period.

AS/COA Online takes a look at the numbers behind trade and investment between the Asian giant and Latin America.