Main menu Roberto Simon, “It’s Hard to Know If Cristina [Kirchner] Wins If She Would Pay That Debt or Not” 

April 25, 2019

Investors are dumping Argentina bonds now that it looks even more certain that the man who brought the International Monetary Fund back to Buenos Aires is six months away from losing the presidency.

Mauricio Macri is in the biggest crisis of his tenure. The market has spoken, and they do not like what they are seeing. Macri is close to becoming a zombie president unless inflation—now over 51% on a rolling 12-month basis—drops dramatically. A decline of 10 basis points won’t cut it...

Argentina owes the IMF $56 billion. It is the Fund’s biggest-ever aid package.

“It’s hard to know if Cristina [Kirchner] wins if she would pay that debt or not,” says Roberto Simon, senior director for policy at AS/COA in New York...

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