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Brazil's Star Justice Minister Sérgio Moro Resigns in Blow to Jair Bolsonaro

April 24, 2020

One of the most popular and powerful figures in Jair Bolsonaro’s far-right administration – the celebrity justice minister Sérgio Moro – has resigned, setting up a potentially momentous political conflict just as Brazil struggles to contain the coronavirus pandemic...

Brian Winter, the editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly, said Moro’s exit could have huge implications for Brazil’s leader by eating away at his support base of about 30% of voters – which some believe could pave the way for impeachment.

“I think it’s devastating for Bolsonaro,” Winter said.

“I think Moro’s departure will cause a real crisis of conscience for some Bolsonaro voters who will ask themselves: ‘Is this government really the change that I voted for?’” Winter said.

“History tells us impeachment is always lurking in the background for Brazilian presidents. The fire has been nipping at Bolsonaro’s heels for a couple of months now … and congress has always hated Bolsonaro,” Winter added. “So if that 30% starts to budge, things could move really quickly.”...

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