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Mexico 2017 Video: Luis Videgaray and Chrystia Freeland on Strategic Issues in the North American Partnership

May 23, 2017

Mexico's foreign affairs secretary and Canada's global affairs minister affirmed their support for trilateral trade and updating NAFTA for the benefit of all three countries....

Mexico 2017 Video: Secretario de Economía Ildefonso Guajardo sobre la renegociación del TLCAN

May 23, 2017

"No podemos iniciar negociaciones del TLCAN si no reconocemos que los tres países se han beneficiados" dice el secretario de economía de México....

Mexico 2017 Video: Brian Porter and Susan Segal on North American Relations

May 23, 2017

The CEOs of Scotiabank and AS/COA talked about how the links between Canada, Mexico, and the United States make North America the most competitive region in the world. ...

Mexico 2017 Video: Carlos Sada Solana and Susan Segal on Mexico and North America as a Power House

May 23, 2017

AS/COA's president and CEO and Mexico's undersecretary for North America opened the conference in Mexico City....

Mexico 2017 Video: Rumbo a la integración energética de América del Norte

May 23, 2017

Panelistas hablaron de oportunidades de colaboración en el sector energético y la consolidación de la competitividad de la región....

Mexico 2017 Video: La nueva realidad norteamericana

May 23, 2017

El TLCAN se debería actualizar para tomar en cuenta la revolución económica que no existía en el 1994....

Mexico 2017 Video: A Conversation on the Future of NAFTA

May 23, 2017

Panelists discussed what lies ahead for NAFTA, including prospects for modernization of the agreement....

Video: The Future of the U.S.-Mexico Relationship – Americas Quarterly Launch

May 18, 2017

The magazine celebrated its new issue on U.S.-Mexico relations with a panel on the future of bilateral ties and by covering the communities living in the border region....

Video: Investing in a New Colombia

May 17, 2017

Colombia's growing middle class, macroeconomic stability, and new peace accord make it an attractive Latin American country for investors....