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Video: El camino hacia la inclusión política en América Latina

March 27, 2017

¿Cómo hacer que los políticos pierdan el miedo de tocar temas sociales? Un panel de políticos pioneros comparten ideas....

Video: Creating a Path for Growth in Guatemala

March 27, 2017

Experts from FUNDESA to CACIF discussed the country's top challenges and the future of the $750 million in U.S. aid budgeted for Central America....

Video: Extractive Industries in the Americas - Opportunities and Risks

March 27, 2017

IDB expert Ramón Espinasa discussed how to enable responsible investment across the hemisphere....

Brasilia 2017 Video: Brazil's Central Bank President Ilan Goldfajn

March 21, 2017

From interest rates to inflation targets, the Central Bank head shared projections for the country's economic growth. ...

Brasilia 2017 video: Ministros Wellington Moreira Franco e Dyogo de Oliveira

March 21, 2017


Brasilia 2017 Video: Panel on Investing in Brazil's Infrastructure

March 21, 2017

Executives discussed Brazil's room for growth when it comes to improving airports and sustainability in the oil and gas sectors....

Brasilia 2017 video: Panel on Doing Business in Brazil - Challenges and Opportunities across Sectors

March 21, 2017

Experts explored the potential and risks for business in Brazil, with a focus on the health, finance, and retail sectors....

Brasilia 2017 video: Henrique Meirelles, Ministro da Fazenda do Brasil

March 21, 2017

O ministro da Fazenda do Brasil fez um discurso a conferência "Latin American Cities" da AS/COA em Brasilia....

Brasilia 2017 video: Ministro Aloysio Nunes

March 21, 2017

O ministro das Relações Exteriores do Brasil fez um discurso a conferência "Latin American Cities" da AS/COA em Brasilia....