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AS/COA Women's Hemispheric Network

Explore AS/COA's Women's Hemispheric Network portal, promoting active discussion on women's empowerment and leadership in the Americas.

Cuba Working Group

The Cuba Working Group includes corporate leaders from the worlds of banking, financial services, energy, telecommunications, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and law.

Energy Action Group

Americas Society/Council of the Americas Energy Action Group (EAG) brings together the public and private sectors to develop strategic energy policies for the Americas.

Immigration and Integration Initiative

The Immigration and Integration Initiative advances the integration of immigrants and promotes positive dialogue around the economic contributions of immigrants and Latinos overall across the United States.

Trade Advisory Group

The Trade Advisory Group comprises representatives from members of the Council of the Americas and invited experts who each educate and advocate for open markets and trade facilitation in the Western Hemisphere.

Venezuela Working Group

The Venezuela Working Group addresses the country's economic issues by bringing together key national and international players and a core group of individuals.