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As Trump Threatens NAFTA, Mexico Looks to Latin America for Trade

September 21, 2017

President Donald Trump routinely threatens to tear up trade ties with Mexico.

So Mexico is building backup plans this year.

It's doubling down on free trade and turning toward allies in Latin America, who are also changing their own tune on trade...

Michelle Bachelet, Chile's President, threw in a subtle jab at Trump in her closing remarks on Wednesday at an event hosted by the Council on the Americas, a business organization. In January, Trump withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that hadn't gone into effect but that Chile, Mexico and Peru had agreed to.

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Bachelet said TPP isn't dead. Its nations are moving on without Trump.

"It's impossible to think of TPP as it was with the United States," Bachelet said. But, after highlighting upcoming meetings with remaining TPP nations, she added: "What's going to happen to TPP? In other words, a new kind of TPP?...this is a story in progress...."

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