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Americas Society and Council of the Americas Staff



Aguilar, Ernesto Manager, Public Policy Programs Email
Almonte, Kariela Senior Associate, Communications Email
Anderson Bolton, Nancy Senior Director, AS/COA Miami Email
Bintrim, Beckie Associate, Policy Email
Bons, Sarah Associate, Policy Email
Brown, Rebeca Associate, Programs Email
Calderon, Ana Senior Manager, Corporate Sponsorship Email
Caponi, Cara Associate, Public Policy Programs Email
Cargo, Martha Assistant to the Music Director Email
Colon, Claribel Office and Facility Manager Email
Consuegra, Helena Assistant to Senior Director, Special Events Email
Crespi, Maricela Accounting Supervisor Email
Davis, Stephanie Program Manager/Office Manager, Washington Email
Dauth, Zoe Program Manager, Washington Email
Farnsworth, Eric Vice President, Washington Email
Fernandez, Mercedes Director, BRAVO Leadership Forums Email
Fleder, Allison Chief of Staff Email
Flom, Veronica Exhibition and Public Programs Coordinator, Visual Arts Email
Fontana, Mila Associate, Corporate Relations Email
Garcia, Leani Senior Associate, Policy Email
Gallo, Maria Lourdes Senior Director, BRAVO Leadership Forums Email
Gonzalez, Elizabeth Web and Multimedia Associate, AS/COA Online Email
Guevara, Virginia Associate, Public Policy Programs Email
Ide, Diogo Manager, Public Policy Programs Email
Johnson Thakur, Madeleine Director, AS/COA Miami Email
La Rotta, Adriana Senior Director, Media Relations  Email
Landa, Maria del Carmen Associate, Public Policy Programs Email
Laxague, Mercedes Director, Public Policy Programs Email
Leme, Luisa Multimedia Manager, AS/COA Online Email
Lopez, Hector Database Manager Email
Losson, Pierre Manager, Institutional Engagement Email
Luksic, Fernanda Associate, Marketing Email
Ma, William Controller Email
Marin, Felipe Senior Associate, Strategic Engagement Email
Martinez, Francisco Associate, AS/COA Miami Email
Melzi, Ragnhild Vice President, Public Policy Programs and Corporate Relations Email
Merino, Jorge Special Assistant, Washington Email
Mendoza, Naki Energy Director, Washington Email
Ng, Rosamaria Executive Assistant to President & CEO Email
Nunez, Roselyn Accounting and Administrative Assistant Email
O'Boyle, Brendan Associate, Policy Email
Rangel, Gabriela Director, Visual Arts and Chief Curator Email
Reilly, Peter Chief Financial Officer, Vice President  Email
Russell, Benjamin Manager, Policy Email
Sarnas, Magdalena Database Associate, IT Email
Schijman, Pola Senior Director, Special Events Email
Segal, Susan L. President and CEO Email
Serrano-Badrena, Juan L. Senior Events Coordinator, Public Policy Programs Email
Smith, Greg Director, IT Email
Sonneland, Holly Editorial Manager, AS/COA Online Email
Swyryt, Tony Manager of Operations, IT Email
Temkin, Susanna Associate Curator, Visual Arts Email
Tummino, Alana Senior Director, Policy Email
Westervelt, Drew Senior Manager, BRAVO Leadership Forums Email
Williamson, Natalia Director, Corporate Relations Email
Winter, Brian Vice President, Policy and Editor-in-Chief, Americas Quarterly Email
Zissis, Carin Editor-in-Chief, AS/COA Online Email
Zubieta, Sebastian Director, Music Email
Zubillaga, Guillermo Director, Public Policy Programs Email